Book Release:
*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh - a geometry of present tenses
FUFU/PEOPLEWITH is pleased to announce the publication of its fourth book *aaaaaaaaaaaargh - a geometry of present tenses.

About this book:
How does one understand the times through the words used most?
*aaaaaaaaaaaargh - a geometry of present tenses is a book about words. The words in this book are here because they keep coming up. These words were selected for their ubiquitous tyranny, their terrific sound, their terribleness and their beauty. They are words repeated in various formats online, whether it is news and social media, rants in forums or on wall posts, or general internetting. These words have sunk into the global ‘mind-feed’ of words. We use these words because we wish to shake up the world, that whoever we believe is reading our articles, blogs, comments, posts, walls, threads, etc, is duly triggered. We moan too with them, or hide or post our opinions. We want to describe our collective existence in the world today and how we view same: we are in a crises, and it affects everything. And so it is.

FFPW began to collect these words after observing that they are used as if they reveal to us the terrible times. Together these words say terrible things are happening the world over; or that terrible reactions are happening the world over over the usual things. By creating a geometry of their existence as ‘meaning’, this book attempts to capture, through marks and sequences, the most immutable (but not necessarily the easiest) imagistic aspect of each word. 

From words used to conjure ‘the migrant crises’ to words like abortion and ‘africa’  and others such as anxiety, new marks and new meanings are created and examined in FFPW’s larger aim, which is to understand the world and how we get along.

Using loosely applied geometric ideas of points, lines and planes within a system of symmetries and broken tessellations, each encounter with a word during transformation involves an intuitive process of made-up geometry, which takes into account signs and origins and live uses of a word—including a feeling for the word. The result is a subjective freedom that exposes the psychology of things. The intention, which is to create as objectively as possible, an imagist word-meaning-existence, is at the core of this book. 

This book is about the shape of a word in all its aaaarghhhhhness and awwweness; an attempt to examine the shout inside the times. 

Each word begins with the strict starting point of aaaaaaaaaa as if to mimic the starting point of speech, that we try our tongues with a-h: with the sound of *a*aaa*aaaa *aaaaaaa*ah*aaah*aaaaaaah*arrrrrrrrh*arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhh. For this reason therefore, and for the matter of space and time, we have given attention strictly to the letter A.

Each word opens as if from a point of ‘innocence’ (or ‘ground zero’) and ascending (i.e descending into) the ever widening scream.

This is a fun book. If you open your mind to it. A book for all ages. Colour in the geometric lines as you wish. For the child in us all.


September 19, 2019

*aaaaaaaaaaaargh a geometry of present tenses 
103 pages (97 pages fully illustrated), Release date: October 19 2019; 
Worldwide release (via online announcement). 

Softcover limited editions. 
Size: 203mm x 266mm. 
Archival pigment ink printing throughout on 24lbs white uncoated stock, matte, at 354 PPI, with in house binding. 

All drawings/digital paintings by the artist. 

ISBN: 978-1-7751613-5-6

Limited Editions softcover, First Printing 2019 

Back cover: found image digital collage: Aaaaaaaargh, 2019 

Ordering Information: contact FFPW  / 1 647 847 9350 

Printed in archival pigment ink in studio by FFPEOPLEWITH

Published by FF/PEOPLEWITH


FUFU/PEOPLE WITH fourth publication is on the way!


Date of publication: September  2019
Archival pigment ink printing throughout on 60-lb. white uncoated stock, matte. 

FFPW was established in 2018 as an arts publication outfit by artist Isoje Chou.

All copyrights FUFU/PEOPLE WITH 2019
First Printing 2019. 
Printed and Designed by FUFU/PEOPLE WITH