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WORDS FOUND& TRUE FROM GOD, colonialisms TO china anD revolution: Deep Internet Nigeria
FUFU/PEOPLEWITH is pleased to announce its third publication! This time a FUFU/PEOPLE WITH invention bookplard* titled WORDS FOUND& TRUE FROM GOD, colonialisms TO china anD REVOLUTION: Deep Internet NIGERIA

"From national politics to religion and the new breed of online atheists to resentment at China’s interest in Nigeria, Nigerian threads on social media uncover a new anxiety beyond merely killing time. What, however, do the heated words, hilarious memes and pithy jokes amount to? What will they help foment?

Meanwhile, the Nigerian has for long maintained an attitude of being without question, part of the larger world, in a universal present where his/her observations are not limited to Nigeria or Africa but extend the world. Today, a great number of young people spend a great deal of energy acquiring browsing data, both in extension of that old taken-for-granted (of being in the world) and the stunning rise of the local as new forms of cultural output and new, cultural identity. Time spent online is as if mere extension of what is already taken as ‘Nigerian’. This position of the centrality of one’s self is not a position the rest of the nonAfrican world is comfortable with for a ‘black’ nation. 

Yet, Nigerians are not the owners of the social media used. The need to keep up an online presence demands submission to new forms of colonization: digital capitalism. The exchange of time-spent-online-liking-&-acquiring-likes becomes a country in its own right: a digital-virtual territory with its own language of memes, wallposts and threads, managed as capital all the way at Silicon Valley, USA. The phantoms of identification that allow for such ease of local/global ‘citizenry’ are once more reminders of the ghost of a badly drawn colonialism past, more so, in the face of the great stagnation that bedevils the country. Against the never-ending inaction and dissatisfaction that social media breeds, the new virtual society discovers a smothering desire for change in the ‘Nigerian Situation’—a desire often pitted in unfair comparison to the external world on which the Nigerian is ever focused. Is there reason to hope that, underneath the veneer of pleasure and jokingness that marks the surface of things in Deep Internet Nigeria, the small din of unfamiliar anxiety running through these words could propel something larger? What makes the Nigerian so cutting on social media but resigned in real-time, political action?

Meanwhile, the Nigerian on social media exists as if in a state of perpetual present, unburdened by the need to act beyond a hashtag or pithy post. “Only God” is the familiar response even as many believe salvation will come from living overseas. In a sense, Nigerians in Nigeria already contribute to life overseas. From twitter et al., waves of Nigerians online create ‘content’ and liveliness of virtual interactions for many, Nigerians and their friends globally, that transforms into fantastic capital for Silicon Valley.

While the sayings selected for this publication fixate on national issues, they delineate as well the problems elsewhere to offer a critique of the rest of the world. The selection as well rebuffs excessive realism: we at FFPW consider firstly, poetry—or the poetics of how these sayings relate a Nigeria of our imaginative and its world: that enormous world the average Nigerian desires. Similarly, a preference has been made for the form of the thing, etc. For example, words like  ‘Godo’ or a phrase like "Bliev u me" are like stand alone sculptures of astonishing brevity. They resonate with hope, surely. In Deep Internet Nigeria where people surely are the happiest in the virtual world, hope and words are abundant."

- FUFU/PEOPLEWITH, March 19, 2019


"WORDS FOUND& TRUE FROM GOD, colonialisms TO china anD REVOLUTION: Deep Internet NIGERIA" is  a ‘bookplard’, an invention of FUFU/PEOPLE WITH. The 'BOOKPLARD' is a hybrid book form made up of placard aesthetics arranged in stacks. Each stack is a ‘blard’.

WORDS FOUND& TRUE presents, in an open, “bookplard” format, found, pithy sayings collected from a range of Nigeria Social Media in such a way to leave room for further exploration of the nature and anxieties of the average Nigerian regarding things historical and situational.

"WORDS FOUND& TRUE FROM GOD, colonialisms TO china anD REVOLUTION: Deep Internet NIGERIA" is intended to be  loose-leaf in distribution as single or select pages from a total of 30 visually text-based pages.

Chalk fonts designed by FF/PEOPLEWITH

Limited Editions:  limited print, size: 108mm x 273mm, on archival pigment ink printing throughout on 100-lb. white uncoated stock, matte, handmade perfect binding.

ISBN 978-1-7751613-2-5
Publisher: Fufu Press
Original language: English
Date of publication: March 2019
Pages: 30 pages, with closing statement.
Unlimited Editions: Digital, coming soon

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FUFU/PEOPLE WITH third publication is on the way! 
FROM GOD,colonialisms TO china anD  REVOLUTIONS:
ISBN 978-1-7751613-2-5
Publisher: FuFu/People With
Original language: English
Date of publication: March 2019
Pages: 30 pages, with Introduction i, ii.
Limited Editions First Print Size: 108mm x 273mm
Archival pigment ink printing throughout on 100-lb. white uncoated stock, matte. 

All copyrights FUFU/PEOPLE WITH 2019
First Printing 2019. Written, Printed and Designed by FUFU/PEOPLE WITH

Chalk fonts designed by FUFU/PEOPLE WITH
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