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Abroaders Colouring Book

On the incongruous task…

How does a continent survive a globalization designed in such a way that many of its so-called middle-class live as tax-paying, hard-at-work immigrants and citizens elsewhere? West Africans are today creating a new twist on the old form of human migration and nowhere is this superbly laid out for the eye to see as in Ghana. Across the suburbs of Accra, vast areas lie ablaze with new houses in construction by people known simply as ‘Ghanaians Abroad’. The abroaders. These are no more than Africans who no longer live in any African country and have instead created new families new ties in the USA, UK, Canada and similar other countries. Yet, many are tethered still, in real, concrete terms of longing for land or attempting to build a house, to the notion of ‘back home’. How to complete the building construction of a house ‘back home’ when you live in a different hemisphere? 

With the strain of immigrant responsibilities that ‘abroad life’ entails, the house ‘back home’ is left unfinished for months if not years, squatted in or left empty, started in bursts of energy during visits ‘back home’ only to stand idle. Yet we must ask ourselves what parameters of home are we holding on to, what meaning is most difficult to let go. There are other practical questions too, such as the strain of the abroader house on local housing situation. Or this: the unacknowledged question of how a continent survives ‘at par with others’, as is often implicitly demanded of Africa, when globalization is designed in such a way as to leave said continent bereft of the very abled people asserting, from far lands where the energy and commitments as required by citizenry or residency are invested, these ever pressing proprietorial claims. 

This, however, is a colouring Book*. 

A COLOURING BOOK. Or an escapist exercise that considers a reversal to that old compass of ‘moving abroad’. In these drawings, ‘the abroader’, i.e. that middle-class West African, returns; or never left. The old narrative of ‘the arrival’ is no longer the conventional one of arrival (to foreign lands), ’home’ no longer ‘back home’ and a house no longer a vacant emblem of successing elsewhere.

Is this book then, you ask, some dream of comfortably housed modernities, of a new Abroader Class rising across our discomfited landscape, espousing new inequalities? How else to explain the intemperate proportions of the houses here, FFPW? All we have to say is, perhaps that class already exists? We here at FFPW have merely applied the gigantism we encountered at Pokuase. We are pop we are fiction the abroader has already returned, is no longer, like the abiku, endlessly leaving and Africa no longer a neglected ‘back home’ but a reality and place where desire—that same hunger for which many flee ‘to abroad’—lives. A house has been built and the people in these drawings are dwelling in it. A house that is a body as it is the culture ever in flux, ever re-emerging.

This book is in a sense like the unfinished houses. Or an exercise in completion. A channel into the dreaming. Many of us will never own houses such as these fictive proposals here. The dreaming however is transmutable; the act (of colouring) meditative. The colourer, fellow West African perhaps, achieves for themselves a meditative moment in time, is able to build, by visions of light, which are colours, new perspectives on the problem. Through this collaborative platform we meditate on the incongruous task, the incomplete mission; the building ‘back home’ houses we may never dwell in.

If some of the houses seem overboard, it is in deference to builder-architects of our ancient pasts; and to spirit of that primordial eros, the All-Rivers. Who can escape her? Who does not wish to meet a river?



52 pages fully illustrated, Release date: December 29 2020 
Worldwide release (via online announcement). 

Softcover limited editions. 
Binding varied, in house binding
Archival pigment ink printing throughout on 40lbs uncoated stock. 

All drawings and photographs by the artist. 

Printed in archival pigment ink in studio by FFPEOPLEWITH

ISBN: 9781775161318

Limited Editions softcover, First Printing 2020
Ordering Information: contact FFPW  / 1 647 847 9350

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