Artbook fairs

In 2020, FFPEOPLEWITH decided finally to participate in the artbook fair. We choose Montreal's VOLUME MTL as our first fair and hope to have the time to join others in time. The artbook fair is a unique phenomenon across the globe. However, participating in these events may not be feasible for FFPEOPLEWITH No Country. That said, things will be listed here as it happens, if it happens, with links and/or introduction.



In 2021 we applied to participate in two art book fairs. The effort earned an invitation from one out of the two - the last outfit being precisely a question if you will of the politics of the essential recognition. 

In 2022 we hope to make an application to participate somewhere. Perhaps none. Or one. If any one reading this would like to help FFPW to oversee this process, we have books to offer you for your time. 

To purchase our books directly, do so safely by  the power of the snowbirds. 

Connecting readers and independent publishers around the world with an online directory, projects and conversations, Readers & Publishers is like a perpetual Art Book Fair. It was founded by a group of artists between Barcelona and Amsterdam.

See our page there: (PS: We are not based in any city, in a sense of being fixed to a place and the support and reciprocation from same. We choose Brussels because we like the city. Plus the first thought of seriously printing books came after seeing so many sleepy, really wonderful printers during an artist residency there (ergo, Brussels = birth city of FFPEOPLEWITH as an idea)

Readers & Publishers' OPEN Call for publishers



Responding to the expanding global network of art book fairs, Volume MTL was created to fill a gap in Montreal’s arts scene.

RĂ©pondant au rĂ©seau mondial de foires du livre d’art qui se retrouve en 2019 en pleine expansion, Volume MTL a Ă©tĂ© crĂ©Ă© pour combler un vide sur la scène artistique montrĂ©alaise.