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a page excerpt from our upcoming book CAPECOAST
- a page from our upcoming book, CAPECOAST


PEOPLE WITH NO COUNTRY is pleased to announce it will soon release the 2012 images/photographs by Isoje Chou. These images were in 2013 withdrawn from an international showing by, according to the organizers, the long arm of a curator of African photographs, on the accusation that the artist plagiarizes the photographs of Malick Sidibe, which the artist strongly disagrees, and/or should not ‘represent Nigeria’ - this latter position the artist sadly😓😢😭. The publication will include images made in 2012 based entirely on the shapes of things seen and unseen in found, online photographs of the Malian photographer. We invite anyone with an open mind who delight in the idea of things to purchase the upcoming book even if to examine for themselves the complicated nature of admiration.
My Eye In The Bush Of Ghost, Soooo, Sidibe

Unfinished Houses 
of Pokuase 

"What to do if you live in a different continent far across the seas and the place to mark your ‘arrival’—indeed, the only place to give meaning to your achievements—is the same one you fled to seek better fortunes? This is the bittersweet paradox to which the houses dotted along the plains of Pokuase point; it has become the ‘West African Paradox’."
ISBN 9781775161318
Publisher: FuFu/People With
Original language: English
Date of publication: January 2019 2020
Edition: 1st edition, softcover